About C&M Farm

Our blueberry farm is owned by three siblings, along with their spouses and is located about 23 miles from downtown Livingston.  It is easily accessible from Houston and surrounding areas.  Plus, it is a great side attraction when you are on a road trip from the Dallas area.

In 2008 and 2009, 2 acres were planted with approximately 1600 blueberry bushes.  This includes five different varieties of blueberries.  With this many varieties, some will ripen as early as late May while others are ready mid to late June.


Safety at The Farm

We want you to have a fun and relaxing time when you come out to C&M Farm.  So, here are several safety reminders for you:

•  Since the farm is located in the Piney Woods of Texas,
there will probably be mosquitoes and ticks.
It is important to remember to use insect repellent.

•  Wear closed-toed shoes to protect your feet from possible fire ants.
We work very hard to keep these bad boys at a minimum,
but you never know when you could run into them!

•  Apply sunscreen

•  Drink plenty of water while picking